What We Do: We provide children with a balanced approach to leading a healthier lifestyle. Our approach is simple- we don’t impose rigid standards around weight loss or the lack of exercise and physical activity. Instead we promote self-esteem, body satisfaction, and respect for body size diversity. Our goal is to construct an environment where all children are supported in feeling good about their bodies resulting in healthy living.

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Our "Health Promotions" focus on making children’s environments healthier.

In The School Setting

  • serving healthy meals
  • providing opportunities for fun physical activities
  • Implementing a no-teasing policy
  • providing students and school staff with educational sessions

          about body image, media literacy, and weight bias

In The Community Setting

  • making neighbor hoods safer
  • providing access to nutritious foods
  • constructing sidewalks and bicycle lanes
  • building safe outside play areas
  • encouraging parents to serve regular family meals
  • create a non-distracting eating environment and

          provide more active alternatives to TV viewing

YEP! Fitness "Childhood Improvement Program"  is committed to addressing the issues surrounding childhood health from a holistic perspective that will include the physical, mental and social well-being of each individual child by means of implementing school-and-community-based interventions.

How to Enroll: Register your child, student or organization by emailing us using the "Connect" tab on this site, you can also register on-site at our headquarters located at  1821 Summit Road 4th Floor, Cincinnati, Ohio 45237.

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